sobota, 28 maja 2016


Well, I was struggling with this one, because I had to reinstall SA to make it work - hopefully it work fine on your PC ^^

kbk (karabinek - rifle) AKMS is a Polish produced AKMS (simple, isn't it?)

- detailed exterior
- correct animations

poniedziałek, 16 maja 2016

I'm back! + [REL:SA] wz.96 Beryl

Hey guys, I'm back after a really long while :)

During the break from modding, I played a lot of great games, including Il-2 Sturmovik and Strike Fighters 2 simulators, some Call Of Duty games and Battlefield BC2 (waiting for BF1 ^^) and CS:GO as well. Those made me interest more in rifles, so expect some guns in the future :D

Now, for the release:

wz.96 Beryl is a Polish automatic rifle, based of AK-47 (my fav gun). Since 1997, 65 000 were produced.

- detailed exterior
- correct animation