środa, 25 listopada 2015

[REL:WT] IS-2 no. 415 of 4th Heavy Tank Regiment

Nothing much to say here, the tank is present in Muzeum Armii Poznań (hopefully I could get there and get some photos, so the texture is 4k ^^)

niedziela, 22 listopada 2015

[REL:WT] Horten Ho-229 JV 44 Nightfighter

Well, I've loved red-white stripes on JV 44 Fw 190 Ds, so here's what if they've used Ho-229 :)

(yeah, that's a pretty shitty promo pic)

poniedziałek, 16 listopada 2015

[REL:WT] Sherman Ic Firefly 'ZEMSTA II'

Well, basically, it's supposed to be Sherman Ic Hybrid, because it had M4A1 hull irl, but as long there's none in-game, we will have to use it for the normal one :)

A little update

Hey guys.
As you may see, I didn't release anything in a while.
That's mostly because of personal stuff, I don't have a lot of time now.
I've started making skins for War Thunder (you probably should know that I play it, that's why I'm really into WW2) and I decided, that I will post most of them here, on my blog.
If you have any requests for skins for planes or tanks, feel free to ask here or on my WT Live account

Also remember, that I didn't stop modding to SA, so you can still make requests for vehicles (I might also try to do something for V, but that'd take A LOT of work) :)